Neurojurisprudence is the study of legal philosophy using techniques of evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, and related fields.
Charles Darwin

Law & Human Behavior: A Study in Behavioral Biology, Neuroscience, and the Law by Scott Fruehwald  (Vandeplas Publishing 2011) (Amazon) (Barnes & Noble) (New)


Short Articles:

Introduction to Behavioral Biology for Legal Scholars
The Promise of Law & Behavioral Biology
Property, Reciprocal Altruism, and Kelo v. City of New London
Behavioral Biology and Michael H. v. Gerald D.
Behavioral Biology & Racism

Other Pages:

Principles of Neurojurisprudence
Selected Books on Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Psychology, Neuroscience, and Related Fields
Selected Articles on Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Psychology, Neuroscience, and Related Fields
Selected Articles on Neurojurisprudence and Law & Behavioral Biology

Scott Fruehwald's Articles:

Teaching Law Students How to Become Metacognitive Thinkers (New)

How to Become an Expert Law Teacher by Understanding the Neurobiology of Learning

Review: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Evolutionary Feminism, SSRN

Power in Contemporary Legal Thought: Postmodernism versus Behavioral Biology, SSRN 

When Did Ignorance Become a Point of View?: Postmodern Legal Thought and Behavioral Biology, SSRN

A Biological Basis of Rights, Southern California Interdisciplinary Journal, SSRN

Reciprocal Altruism as the Basis of Contract, University of Louisville Law Review, SSRN

Postmodern Legal Thought and Cognitive Science, 23 Ga. St. U.L. Rev. 375 (2006), SSRN

Behavioral Biology and Constitutional Analysis, 32 Okla. City U.L. Rev. 375 (2007), SSRN


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New Articles and Blog Posts:

The Supreme Court 2010 Term - Foreword: Neutral Principles, Motivated Cognition, and Some Problems for Constitutional Law by Dan M. Kahan

Thomistic Natural Law as Darwinian Natural Right: A Reply to Critics by Larry Arnhardt

Thou Shalt Not Share: Biological Notions in Intellectual Property Law by Hendrik Gommer

Lost in Translation? An Essay on Law and Neuroscience by Stephen Morse

Moral Grammar and Human Rights: Some Reflections on Cognitive Science and Enlightenment Rationalism by John Mikhail

The Two Faces of Morality: How Evolutionary Theory Can Both Vindicate and Debunk Morality by Robin Bradley Kar

A Biological Theory of Law: Natural Law Theory Revisited by Hendrik Gommer (New) (Amazon)

This is an important book that everyone in the field should read.

The Molecular Concept of Law by Hendrik Gommer (SSRN)

Emotion, Neuroscience, and Law: A Comment on Darwin and Greene by John Mikhail

Talkin' about a Revolution - Some Thoughts on Social Science, New Evolutionary Studies, and the Law by Luca Arnaudo
Survival of the Fairest? Evolution and the Geneticization of Rights by David Keane
Brain Imaging for Legal Thinkers: A Guide for the Perplexed by Owen Jones et. al.
Evolutionary Theory and Behavioral Biology Research: Implications for Law by David J. Herring
Abominable Acts by Jacob M. Heller

The Biology of Possession: A Brief Response to Barros by Jeffrey Stake

From the 'Is' to the 'Ought': A Biological Theory of Law by Hendrik Gommer  (Now on SSRN: Abstract)
96 Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie, 449-468 (2010)

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